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英语作业(6-8课汉译英) 滑冰的英文









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<现在开始正题了哦,认真仔细看下面正文文章>  汉译英(6-8课)  1.布朗先生正在接另一个电话,你能入等一会儿吗。  Mr. Brown is on another line now .Can you hold for a moment?  2.我想要一些有关你们ABI型计算机的资料
  I’d like to get some information about your Model ABI computers.  3. 很抱歉,布莱克先生不在,有事吗。 I’m sorry , Mr .Black is not in now , May I help you ?  4. 我负责国外市场。 I’m in charge of overseas markets. 5.我用传真把资料发给你。  I’ll send you the information by fax.

6、 如今对进入大城市的劳工的需求呈下降趋势。
Now there is a decrease in the demand of labor coming into large cities.

7、 如今在商业领域工作的雇员类型发生了变化。 Now there is a change in the type of employees working in the business field .

8、决定供求的不再是计划,而是市场。 Supply and demand are no longer wholly decided by plan, but by market.

9、决定工资和资金的不再是工作年限,而是贡献。 Salary and bonus are no longer decided by working years, but by contributions.

10、如果一个学生喜欢课上发言,他就更有可能在班里起更积极的作用。 If a students likes speaking up in class ,he is more likely to play most active role.

11、如果一个老板善于选用员工,他就更有可能在这个竞争的世界里获胜。 If a boss is good at  he is more likely to          in the compation world .

  It was only after her mother had died that she realized how much her mother had done for her.

12、 直到身在英国他才了解他多么需要朋友  It was only after he had been in Britain that he got to know he needed friends badly.

13、我们知道这个时候参加考试不合适,但我们没办法。 We knew it was not the good time to take the exame,but we felt we had to.

14、警方知道这个时候不该问这样的问题,但他们没办法 The police knew it was not the good time to ask such a question,but they felt they had to.

15、 反正我们也要去超市,不麻烦。
Oh,but we are going to the supermarket anyway It’s no trouble.

16、反正我丈夫也要去上海出差,不麻烦。 Oh,but my husband is going to Shanghai on business anyway,It’s no trouble.

17、我正在设法用英语写一封信给我的美国朋友。  I’m trying to write a letter in English to my American friend.

18、王先生正打电话与格林先生讲话。  is speaking to  on the phone  

.The students are having a dancing party at the students’ centre,  

20、我正在为野餐准备食品。  I’m preparing the food for the picnic.

They are holding a sports meeting the playground  

22、李莉正在台上边唱边舞  1
  Lily is singing and dancing on the stage. 56.见到你真高兴。  Nice to meet you。
57.枯燥的办公室工作让我感到很无聊。  I am bored with the dull office work 58.请在表格中填好个人资料  Fill in the form with your personal particulars. 59. 周末我们或者去游泳,或者去滑冰。
At weekends, we either go swimming or go skating. 60.请稍候,我把你转到他的分机上。  Just a moment, please, I’ll put you through to his extension. 1. 你想去哪儿参观游览。 Which place would you like to visit? 2我更喜欢去国外度假 I prefer to take a holiday abroad. 3.我还可以去瑞士滑雪  I can go skiing in Switzerland as well. 4. 我不知道该去哪儿,我只想放松一下 I have no idea , I just want to relax. 5.这个海湾终年游客很多  The bay is crowded with tourists all year round. 6.你能给我提些建议去哪儿玩吗。  Could you give me some suggestions on where to go? 7. 你认为深圳是什么样子。 What do you think Shenzhen is like? 8.他们总是乐意帮助别人  They are always ready to help others. 9.他们应该更注意哪条规则。 Which rule should they pay more attention to?  

10、我们应该给谁多提点建议  Whom should we offer more advice to?

…because you can always turn to your parents whenever you have problems. 12因为一攒够了钱她总总可以去旅游 because she can always go traveling whenever she has enough money. 2  1. a.尽管他1只有一个孩子,她还是忙忙碌碌的。   Even though she has only one child ,she is still running. c. .尽管这是一件苦活,我倒很乐意干。  Even though it is hard work ,I enjoy it.  2. a. 他每天有干不完的活,为什么。答案是:他是一个单亲父亲。  He has a thousand things to do every day .Why?The answer is  he is a single parent. b.她每天有干不完的活,为什么。
答案是:她工作在养老院  She has a thousand things to do every day , Why? The answer is; she is working in a nursing home.  3. a. 我睡觉前丈夫总会说:“晚安” Before I go to bed , my husband always says ,Good night.  b、母亲做饭前总会问:“亲爱的,今天有什么特别想吃的吗。
”  2
  Before my mother prepares dinner , she always asks , Well , dear , what do you particularly want to eat today? 1  1. Are there many new words in the third text ?第三篇课文有许多生词吗    2. There is an old building in this moden city.这座现代化城市里有一栋古建筑    3. There is a big library in the city center , and it is the first library for workers. 市中心有一个很大的图书馆。它是本市第一个工人图书馆。    4. There are no e-mail addresses on these business cards.这些名片上都没有电子邮箱的地址    5. He was the second to come to school today 他是今天第二个到达学校的    6. There is a computer on the second desk.第二张桌子上有一台计算机 8  1. The task is urgent任务十分紧急。
    2. Traveling by air is very convenient乘飞机旅行十分方便    3. The singer is very popular with young people这个歌手很受年轻人的欢迎。
    4. This is a perfect answer.这是个完美的答复    5. I’m a tour guide我是导游 9  1. a.他服用了一种,那药是他祖父留下的。       He took a kind of Chinese medicine , which was left be his grandpa.       c.我们采纳了那条建议,那是我们老师提的建议。  We accepted the advice, which was given by our teacher.    2. a. 不用多久你就会更快地阅读英语了。      It won’t be long before you can read English faster.      c. 没用多久他们就意识到了危险。
It wasn’t long before they realized the danger. 2  1. a. 请学生们8点在操场集合     Students are requested to assemble at the playground at 8 o’clock.       c. 请申请人出示身份证。
Applicants are requested to show their ID cards.     2. a.两点半的会议推迟半小时,我向大家表示歉意。
2:30 meeting has a delay of half an hour , I have to apologize to you all . c.去上海的旅行推迟一周,我们为此而给大家带来的不便表示歉意      The trip to Shanghai has a delay of one week . We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause . 3. a. 距离圣诞晚会开始还有些时间,因此我们坐下来喝杯茶       We still have some time before the Christmas party begins , so we sit down over a cup of tea   c. 距离期末考试还有些时间,因此他们要更加努力学习。 They still have some time before the final test , so they should work harder for it .  2  1. Put up the map on the wall , please . 请把这张地图挂到墙上    2. Let’s help each other in our study .让我们在学习中互相帮助    3. Mary , answer the question , please .玛丽,请回答这个问题。
     4. Let me do it , please .请让我做这件事    5. Don’t be late again .不要再迟到了。    3

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