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中英文运动会加油稿 加油英文









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<现在开始正题了哦,认真仔细看下面正文文章> 中英文运动会加油稿   中英文运动会加油稿的范文有哪些?以下是小编收集的关于《中英文运动会加油稿》的范文,仅供大家阅读参考。    一根小小的木棒,连接的是团结和友爱;一根小小的木棒,传递的是勇气和力量;一根小小的木棒,演绎的是奋斗和拼搏;加油吧。
让这激动人心的时刻,一直回荡在我们心中。   A small wooden sticks, are connected to the solidarity and friendship; a small wooden sticks, transmission is the courage and strength; a small wooden sticks, deductive is struggle and hard work; gas。
Let this exciting moment, continues to reverberate in our hearts。   你的汗水洒在跑道,浇灌着成功的朵开放;你的欢笑飞扬在赛场,为班争光数你最棒;跑吧,追吧,在这广阔的赛场上,你似骏马似离铉的箭;跑吧,追吧,你比虎猛比豹强。   Your sweat on the runway, a successful watering the flowers open; your laughter flying in the arena, winning glory for the number of classes you best; run, catch it, in this broad field, you might like horses like from on the arrow; run, catch it, you are stronger
than the tiger over leopard.   漫漫长路,你愿一人独撑,忍受着孤独与寂寞,承受着体力与精神的压迫,只任汗水溶于泪水,可脚步却从不停歇。好样的,纵然得不了桂冠,可坚持的你,定会赢得最后的掌声。
   Long road, would you one person alone, alone and lonely, bear the physical and mental oppression, just sweat dissolved in tears, but pace never stops. Good, though not the crown, may insist you, will win the final applause.   深深的呼吸,等待你的是艰难的1500米。相信胜利会属于你们。但在这征途上,需要你勇敢的心去面对。我们在为你加油,你是否听到了我们发自心中的呐喊?困难和胜利都在向你招手,去呀,快去呀,不要犹豫。
快去击败困难、快去夺取胜利。相信你会送给我们一个汗水浸湿的微笑。   Take a deep breath, waiting for you is a difficult 1500 meters. I believe that victory will belong to you. On this trip, you need the courage to face. We're rooting for you, if you hear my heart scream? Difficulties and victory are waving to you, go, go ah, do not hesitate. To beat them, go to the victory。 Believe that you will give us a sweat smile。

  不为鲜花的围绕,不为刹那的荣耀,只有执着的信念,化作不停的奔跑,心中燃烧着梦想,脚下不停的步伐。   No flowers around, not for the moment of glory, only persistent belief, to keep running, a burning in the heart dream, feet keep pace。   环形的跑道一圈又一圈的坚持,毅力与精神活跃在会场上,湿透的衣衫,满头的大汗,无限追求、奋力追赶,我们为你欢呼跳跃,我们为你骄傲。   The annular runway lap persistence, perseverance and spirit alive in the meeting, wet clothes, profusely haired, unlimited pursuit, struggling to catch up, we cheer for you jump, we proud of you.   虽然你们在场上的时间很短暂,但你们的身影依然停留在人们的脑海里,因为你们是赛场上最可爱的人。   Although you in a very short time, but your shadow still stays in people's mind, because you are the most lovely person game。   有人说,运动场上狂奔的男儿,是一匹匹黑色的骏马。有人说,运动场上活跃的巾帼,是一道道亮丽的风景。我说,你们都是我心中的英雄,你的飒爽英姿,你的顽强拼搏,你的永不屈服,你的自我挑战,都深深地烙在每个人的心中,你的精神在大家心中凝聚成了一股强大的力量,这力量源源
   Some people say that boys running on the playground, is a black horse horse. Some people say that the playground is active, is the beautiful scenery. I said, you are the hero in my heart, you are brave, you fought tenaciously, you never give in, self challenge, you are deeply branded in everyone's heart, and your spirit in you heart condensed into a powerful force, the strength, only because you are the hero in my heart.   加油吧,运动健儿们。阵阵有力的步伐,声声有劲的呐喊,运动场上洒下我们青春的点点滴滴。旗摇摇,鼓声声,这里挡不助的是青春活力;枪声响起,“预备起跑”,挡不助的是健儿们如火般的气势。英雄舍我其谁,胜利当仁不让,声声誓言浸透着健儿们的昂扬斗志。朋友们,为运动健儿们喝彩,为运动喝彩吧。场上精彩纷呈,空气里的每一个分子浸透着自信。我要高喊一声:“这里无限精彩。   Come on, athletes。 With strong pace, sound strong cry, sports field in dribs and drabs of our youth. Flag shake, drum sound, here do not help is youthful vitality; Shots ring out, "ready to start", not to help athletes like fire. Hero, the world is victory, sound vow with the high morale of athletes. My friends, cheer for
athletes, cheer for sport。 On the field, every molecule in the air is saturated with confidence. I want to shout: "here is an exciting。      

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